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March On Washington – August 28, 1963 – Past Daily Reference Room

August 28th marks the 56th anniversary of the legendary March on Washington. The largest Civil Rights demonstration of its kind up to this point, the march culminated in a day of speeches in front of the Lincoln Memorial and a general feeling that something had begun. Most people think of...


Solidarity Day – Coretta Scott-King – June 19, 1968

June 19, 1968 – Coretta Scott King – Solidarity Day Address 1968 saw no end of turmoil and upheaval in the world. In the first six months alone there was the Tet Offensive in Vietnam, the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy. France went on strike. Prague Spring...


Summer Of Love, But Not In Damascus – June 10, 1967

Click on the link here for Audio Player: News for this 10th of June in 1967 had a lot to do with the Middle East. Notably, the Israeli advance on Syria and the approach to Damascus. Cause for much concern in diplomatic circles. The Soviet Union decided it...