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Missiles in March 0

March 19, 1985 – World Full Of Missiles – Pockets Full Of Empty –

March 19th 1985 was about nuclear weapons, MX Missiles, Geneva Arms talks. East-West relations, saber-rattling and words. On this day the first of two Senate votes was scheduled to take place over the budget President Reagan requested in order to build 21 more MX Missiles. The vote was deemed so...

American Embassy - Tehran

November 5, 1979 – The View From Tehran: Taking An Embassy Or Two. A Hostage Drama Unfolds.

News for this November 5th in 1979 was about the worsening situation between Washington and Tehran – all over demands of the Ayatollah Khomeini government to return the Shah to Tehran from New York, where he was undergoing Cancer treatment. The State Department refused to extradite the Shah and crowds...

Eisenhower with Press Sec. Hagarty - 1959

October 1, 1959 – Strikes – The Aftermath Of Gracie – Humiliation For The Dodgers – No Blatz n’ Pabst.

And patrons: Become a Patron! October 1, 1959 was no box of chocolates. Strikes were the big news. First was the ongoing Steel Strike, becoming the longest in history. President Eisenhower ordered everyone back to the bargaining table to keep trying for a resolution. And then, literally overnight, The Longshoremen...