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Embassy Hostages In Iran - 1980 0

October 22, 1980 – The Embassy Hostage Drama And The October Surprise.

Become a Patron! News for this October 22nd in 1980, in addition to feverish campaigning on the parts of the Carter and Reagan camps, was word that a possible breakthrough in negotiations for the 50 Americans held hostage at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran was taking place. But like much...

Women and Wretched Excess 0

October 2, 1976 – Pressing Flesh, Earl Butz And Women’s Little Drug And Alcohol Problem

Patrons get freebies – like this news broadcast: Become a Patron! For the week ending on October 2nd in 1976, it was a busy flurry of news. Starting with the adjournment of the 94th Congress and assessments, blame and praise handed out to anyone willing to analyze. President Ford was...

Thomas E. Dewey 0

Thomas E. Dewey – Election 1944 – Past Daily Reference Room: Election Edition

Thomas E. Dewey – probably not a name that rings a lot of bells in the world of present-day Politics. But in 1944 and in 1948 he was the GOP’s Great White Hope – first in an attempt to thwart a 3rd term Presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt, and second...

Adlai Stevenson 0

Adlai Stevenson – Address To The 1960 Democratic Convention – Past Daily Convention Snapshot

Adlai Stevenson – 1960 Democratic Convention Address – July 1960 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Adlai Stevenson, saying goodbye but not farewell at the 1960 Democratic Convention in Los Angeles. Having already been a candidate for President in the 1952 and 1956 elections, Stevenson was not interested in running...

Dwight D. Eisenhwer 0

Eisenhower Accepts The Nomination – 1952 – Past Daily Convention Snapshot

Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower – Republican Convention Acceptance Speech – July 11, 1952 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – As a reminder of some historic Convention acceptance speeches, ones which have resonated throughout history, and which have come back to shed light over how some things have changed – here...

Draft Protests 1980 0

July 21, 1980 – Shades Of The 60s – Protesting The Draft

July 21, 1980 – CBS Radio – The World Tonight – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – July 21, 1980 – but if you closed your eyes and took a deep breath, it could be July 21, 1968. Plans were afoot to reactivate the Draft, with Selective Service offices opening up...

1968 Democratic Convention 0

Picking A President – 1968 – Past Daily Convention Snapshot

Picking a President. Never the most civilized or genteel of gatherings, Political Conventions have been long, drawn-out slugfests, protests, fist-fights, near-riots and eventually something resembling unity. But as former President Eisenhower so eloquently observed in 1964; “The national convention today is brought to every home in the United States by...


A Wild And Wooly Presidential Campaign . . .In The Philippines – November 11, 1957

Click on the link here for Audio Player – NBC News on the Hour – November 11, 1957 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection Aside from the obvious, November 11th was a busy news day in 1957. With Filipinos gearing up for a visit to the polls in what was referred...


Adding Frigid To An Already Cold War – October 10, 1948

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Mutual Broadcasting System – 11 o’clock News with Carl Caruso – October 10, 1948 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection The frigid parts of the Cold War were becoming more apparent on this 10th of October in 1948. Reports of Supreme Court...