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January 30, 1948 – “Bapuji Is No More!” – The Assassination Of Gandhi.

Become a Patron! Further evidence that some events which take place in history are not necessarily considered devastating at the time they occurred. This one, for example – the assassination of India’s spiritual leader Mohandas Gandhi on this day, January 30, 1948, was considered in U.S. media as just another...


A Few Words From Dr. Martin Luther King – Meet The Press – 1960 – Past Daily Reference Room – Birthday Edition

Click on the link here for Audio Player – NBC Radio – Meet The Press – Guest: Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King  – April 17, 1960 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection In  honor of Dr. King’s Birthday today, I unearthed this 1960 appearance on Meet The Press, where the discussion...


The Carrot Of Independence – March 29, 1942

Click on the link here for Audio Player: News for March 29, 1942 The really interesting, and somewhat prophetic, news on this March 29th in 1942, was buried towards the end of what were daily reports from the Front. The war was dragging on. Britain was staging a series of...