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Malta Summit 0

December 2, 1989 – The Seasick Summit – Bush And Gorbachev At Malta –

A little helps a lot: Become a Patron! I’m sure it seemed like a good idea at the time, and it probably looked very impressive on paper – but for all the ultimate success of the Bush-Gorbachev Summit off the island of Malta, this December 2nd in 1989, the weather...

Election 2000

November 6, 2000 – ‘I Think We’re Gonna Be Here A Long Time On Election Night’ – Election 2000.

20 years ago today it was the eve of Election 2000. Considered too close to call even the day before – polls were calling it even, giving George Bush a 4 point lead, Gore a 4 point lead – everyone put in a margin-of-error at 6 points. Poll workers were...

John Anderson - 1980

John Anderson: Presidential Candidate 1980 – Past Daily Weekend Reference Room

John Anderson – Face The Nation – Feb. 3, 1980 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – John Anderson, upon hearing of his death last year, many people had forgotten who John Anderson was, and what was significant about him. Anderson was running for President in 1980. As a Republican, he...