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Election 2000

November 6, 2000 – ‘I Think We’re Gonna Be Here A Long Time On Election Night’ – Election 2000.

20 years ago today it was the eve of Election 2000. Considered too close to call even the day before – polls were calling it even, giving George Bush a 4 point lead, Gore a 4 point lead – everyone put in a margin-of-error at 6 points. Poll workers were...

American Embassy - Tehran

November 5, 1979 – The View From Tehran: Taking An Embassy Or Two. A Hostage Drama Unfolds.

News for this November 5th in 1979 was about the worsening situation between Washington and Tehran – all over demands of the Ayatollah Khomeini government to return the Shah to Tehran from New York, where he was undergoing Cancer treatment. The State Department refused to extradite the Shah and crowds...

Al Gore - Campaign 2000

November 2, 2000 – Bush-Gore: Down To The Wire

November 2, 2000 – it was coming down to the wire; the Bush-Gore election campaigns of 2000. Last minute sweeps throughout the country, hoarse pleas for votes – it was going to be a tight race and both camps were confident of victory, come Tuesday. But there was still a...