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October 7, 1967 – Body Bags In Vietnam – Death Of Hippy: Funeral In The Haight

Be a Patron and download for free: Become a Patron! Another day with the world slightly askew, this October 7th in 1967. Reports that, despite claims the rebels in Biafra were a thing of the past, explosions were heard in the Nigerian Capitol of Lagos and speculation all the fighting...

L.A. Teenagers in 1967 0

It’s July 27th 1967 – You’re A Teenager, You Live In L.A. – President Johnson is On KFWB, You Have A Short Attention Span – Past Daily Pop Chronicles

KFWB–KRLA–KHJ – various other stations during an LBJ Address -July 27, 1967 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – It’s July 27, 1967. You’re sitting at home and you’re dial-hopping. You have a short attention span. Could be you’re bored out of your skull or it could be all those pills...