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War - Day 2 - December 10, 1941

December 10, 1941 – ‘This Is Serious Business’ – War: Day 2

December 10, 1941 – the war had entered its 2nd official day, the 3rd since the attack on Pearl Harbor. In that short amount of time, America became fixated with regular, almost constant news reports, the constant need to be informed what was happening. Since December 8th, networks instituted a...

New York World's Fair 1939

October 30, 1939 – Closing The New York World’s Fair (For The Winter)

It was October 30, eighty-one years ago that the 1939 New York World’s Fair came to a close for the winter. Scheduled to re-open in May of 1940. The World of Tomorrow, as it was referred to, was a hugely ambitious project – the second largest and most expensive World’s...