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Gen. MacArthur - Emperor Hirohito - 1945 0

September 26, 1945 – MacArthur Meets Hirohito

Subscribers can download for free: Become a Patron! Two significant events for this September 26th in 1945. The first being General MacArthur’s meeting with Emperor Hirohito, MacArthur’s first since being appointed head of the Allied Occupation of Japan. A meeting that was strictly formal and, judging by the official U.S....

New York World's Fair 1939 0

October 30, 1939 – Closing The New York World’s Fair (For The Winter)

October 30, 1939 – Closing Ceremonies, New York World’s Fair – Mutual Broadcasting – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – It was October 30, seventy-eight years ago that the 1939 New York World’s Fair came to a close for the winter. Scheduled to re-open in May of 1940. The World of...

President Eisenhower 2

President Eisenhower – Report On The 83rd Congress – August 6, 1953 – Past Daily Reference Room

President Eisenhower and his report to the nation – the report card on the 83rd Congress, delivered August 6, 1953. As was the custom, President Eisenhower delivered a report card to the nation, a status report on how Congress was doing as it was adjourned for the Summer and heading...