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The Bees

The Bees – In session 2002 – Past Daily Soundbooth

The Bees – In session for BBC 6 Music – March 22, 2002- BBC6 Music – The Bees in session tonight. Recorded by BBC 6 Music on March 22, 2002 – this 10-piece band have been variously categorized as Indie, Psych, 60s Garage, Reggae, Jazz and Country. Needless to say,...

East Of Eden

East Of Eden – In Session 1970 – Past Daily Soundbooth

East of Eden, in session for Top Gear with John Peel – April 6, 1970. East of Eden tonight. A band most people on this side of the Atlantic hadn’t heard of. I don’t even recall them being played via underground FM in the early 70s. They did score one...

Pauline Murray of Penetration

Penetration – In Session 1979 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Penetration – In session for John Peel – July 5, 1978 – BBC Radio 1 – Penetration – one of the early, first-wave of Punk Bands from the formative days of 1976. Fronted by Pauline Murray, Penetration were one of the first hundred bands to play the now-legendary Roxy Club...