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March 5, 1997 – Another Day Underwater – The Ohio River Floods Of 1997 – Legislating Bad Behavior.

Characterized as the worst flooding since the infamous Ohio River Valley floods of 1937, the Ohio River Valley Floods of 1997 were causing no end of havoc to countless towns and villages, submerged in water for yet another day. National Guard troops had been called out to aid in the...

J. Edgar Hoover - American legion Meeting 1940

September 23, 1940 – J. Edgar Hoover Lays It Out

September 23, 1940 – FBI Director J.Edgar Hoover addressed a meeting of The American Legion in Boston on this day. An avid anti-Communist, Hoover warned of the sneaking influence of Communist and Fascist elements threatening to flood the country. In 1940 there was the somewhat unholy alliance between Hitler and...