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April 30, 1992 - Los Angeles 0

April 30, 1992 – Los Angeles: “Roses Are Red, Skies Are Brown – Buildings Are Burning, All Over Town”

April 30, 1992 – News from KNX-AM Newsradio – 7:00 am – 7:50 am – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – April 30, 1992 -I’m sure there was a lot going on in the world, but on this April 30 in 1992, the only news that seemed to matter was coming...

Sen. Bob Packwood - Disgruntled Deer in the headlights 1

September 7, 1995 – Packwood: “I Am Accused Of Kissing Women” – Fuhrman And The N-Word – Cal Ripkin And The History Books

September 7, 1995 – CBS World News Roundup – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – September 7, 1995 – Busy day. On Capitol Hill, a movement was afoot to expel Oregon Senator Bob Packwood over a long history of sexual misconduct – abuse, harassment and assault of constituents and campaign workers...

L.A. at night - 1962 0

L.A. In 1962 – Megalopolis At Night – KNX Visits The Potted Pigeon And Asks About The food – Past Daily Weekend Pop Chronicles

KNX Radio – Megalopolis At Night: A Visit To The Potted Pigeon – June 8, 1962 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – L.A. nightlife in the early 60s. A lot going on and no shortage of restaurants and night clubs. Along Hollywood Boulevard it was a place to people watch...

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Los Angeles – Disappearing Acts – Commercials For Places And Things That No Longer Exist, Or Are Vastly Different – Past Daily Pop Chronicles

Los Angeles and West Coast Radio Commercials – 1950s-1970s – Various places and products – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Although I am one who actively shuns “the good old days” when talking about the past, there are times when I find myself inundated with bits of my youth; my...

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Andras Schiff With Zubin Mehta And The N.Y. Phil. In Music Of Weber, Beethoven, Haydn And Tchaikovsky 1986 – Past Daily Mid-Week Concert

New York Philharmonic – Zubin Mehta, Cond. Andras Schiff, Piano – May, 1986 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Another historic concert this week. The New York Philharmonic, led by Zubin Mehta and featuring the legendary pianist Sir Andras Schiff in this 1986 concert featuring the music of Weber,Beethoven, Haydn...

Los Angeles Crime Scene - 1930s 3

When Los Angeles Had A Muckraker And His Name Was Clinton – Past Daily Reference Room

KFAC – Clifford Clinton – The People Speak – September 1939 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Los Angeles in the 1920s and 30s was a veritable cornucopia of crime, corruption, bribery and murder. Crime of the political kind – influence peddling at City Hall – land deals – water...

March 31, 1971 - Lt. Calley 0

March 31, 1971 – The Lt. Calley Verdict

  March 31, 1971 – NBC Nightly News – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – March 31, 1971 – Lt. William Calley, convicted in the massacre of 22 Vietnamese civilians at My Lai in 1968 was handed the sentence on this day. The jury was given only one of two possibilities...

Clifford Clinton And Muckraking In 1930s Los Angeles – Past Daily Reference Room 0

Clifford Clinton And Muckraking In 1930s Los Angeles – Past Daily Reference Room

– The Peoples Voice with Clifford E. Clinton – KEHE, Los Angeles – March 11-April 4, 1939 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Los Angeles has had no shortage of colorful and controversial figures throughout its history; more than its fair share of famous and infamous characters who became embedded...

Dexter Gordon – Live In Copenhagen – 1967 – Past Daily Downbeat 0

Dexter Gordon – Live In Copenhagen – 1967 – Past Daily Downbeat

– Dexter Gordon Quartet – Live At Megleass Højskole – August 5, 1967 – Radio Denmark – Dexter Gordon in concert this week – along with Kenny Drew, Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen and Albert “Tootie” Heath, playing a gig at Meglass Højskole to an audience of enthralled College Jazz students. It...