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End of Summer - 1969 0

It’s August 1969, You’re A Teenager, You Live In L.A., You Still Love KRLA, Summer Is Almost Over, So Are The 60s

KRLA – Bob Dayton – August 14, 1969 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection Become a Patron! It’s August 14, 1969 – in a few weeks school will be starting. Summer will be over – well . . . until the Santa Ana winds start blowing in October, and then it’s...

China Dissidents - May 1990 0

May 24, 1990 – People Versus Commerce – Election Fever In Moscow

May 24, 1990 – CBS World News Roundup – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – May 24, 1990 – News of the “Bigger Picture” kind. Today, President Bush announced renewal of China‘s Most Favored Nations trade benefits for an eleventh year, despite continued reprisals and executions of Tiananmen Square protestors from...

WLCS - Baton Rouge -1951 3

Before It Was Rock And While It Was Segregation – Southern Radio In The 1950s – Past Daily Pop Chronicles

WLCS – Jivin’ Jerry – Late 1951 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Hard to imagine now, the extent of segregation in America of the 1950s, but it was prevalent throughout the country, more so in the South. Everything, it seemed was separate; water fountains, movie theaters and even records....

Challenger - Walk in Space - April 7, 1983 0

April 7, 1983 – A Walk In Space

  April 7, 1983 -CBS Radio News + Shuttle Challenger Special Reports – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – April 7, 1983 – A day for the NASA history books. The Shuttle Challenger staged the first walk in space made by an American team in over a decade happened on this...