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Election 1956

Election 1956 – Gimme That Old Time Aspersion – Weekend Reference Room

Election 1956 – American Forum – May 27, 1956 – NBC-Monitor – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Election 1956. Political parties battling for the hearts and minds of America – the beauty contest, the innuendo, the festival of mud tossed back and forth. Same as it ever was. There has...

Election 1956

Election 1956 – Shuffling The Cards, Reading The Leaves – Past Daily Reference Room

Election 1956. Late in 1955, when speculation was rife over whether or not President Eisenhower would run for a second term, pundits and commentators fell over themselves predicting a possible outcome – everyone agreed, it would be an Eisenhower victory. But the question was, as of September 9, 1955, would...