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Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren 0

A Supreme Court Justice Speaks – Earl Warren 1972 – Past Daily Reference Room

Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren – Interviewed by Abram Sachar – May 1972 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – With all the controversy surrounding the proposed appointment of a Supreme Court Justice to replace the late Antonin Scalia, and all the strange political machinations taking place because of it,...

Broadcasting and the First Amendment 0

Antonin Scalia And Eric Sevareid On The First Amendment And Broadcasting – 1973 – Past Daily Reference Room

The First Amendment and Broadcasting – Antonin Scalia – Eric Sevareid et al. – March 27, 1973 – NPR – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – The First Amendment and Broadcasting – in 1973, a hot button topic and one which further drove wedges between already fractured elements of our society....

April 5, 1979 1

April 5, 1979 – Surviving TMI

April 5, 1979 – CBS World News Roundup – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – April 5, 1979 – The disaster at 3-Mile Island (known to locals and the media as TMI) was still going on, even though signs were looking cautious but hopeful and an investigation was well underway. Many...