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March 27, 1957 – The McClellan Hearings – RFK Vs. The Teamsters

Can’t keep it going without you: Become a Patron! News for this March 27th in 1957 had much to do with the ongoing Labor Racketeering Hearings going on in Washington. One of the up-and-coming stars of the hearings was a young Chief Counsel for the McLellan Committee on Improper Activities...


March 19, 1948 – A Cold War Tinderbox – Roman Spring – The Marshall Plan

If we’re helping keep your mind off things, maybe chipping in a buck of five would be a good idea, no?: Become a Patron! Characterized as a tinderbox by the State Department, Turkey, Italy, Greece and the Balkan region were hot in the grips of rioting on this March 19th...


February 19, 1951 – The Situation In Korea: Successful Advances – Attempted Revivals

Not to seem obvious, but . . .:Become a Patron! News on this day in 1951, via Edward R. Murrow and The News, gave upbeat assessments from General Matthew Ridgeway regarding the situation in Korea and U.S. advances along the 38th Parallel. At one point, Chinese troops were engaged, their...

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February 13, 1951: War In Korea – Withdrawals, Maneuvering, Condemnation And Celebrations Of An Alliance.

Become a Patron! Despite General MacArthur‘s spin that “we are continuing a war of maneuver”, a new phrase had entered into the Korean War Slang dictionary; “Buggin’ out”. On this February day in 1951, United Nations forces and the U.S. Army were in the process of retreating on several fronts,...


March 12, 1948 – The Bier In Prague: Questions Over Masaryk – The Carping On Capitol Hill

It helps – it really does: Become a Patron! News for this March 12th in 1948 had much to do with the recent events in Czechoslovakia and the sudden death of its President Jan Masaryk. Bad enough it was overtaken by Nazi Germany, starting with the Sudeten crisis of 1938,...

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January 29, 1951 – War In Korea: “No One Is Going To Drive Us Into The Sea” – The Draft And The Red Menace..

Your subscriptions keep us going: Become a Patron! News of this January 29th in 1951 began on an ominous note by way of 8th Army Headquarters in Korea when General MacArthur delivered a message to the world indicating the U.S. presence in Korea wasn’t going to go anywhere anytime soon....


Eastman Rochester Symphony Play Music of Bennett, Harris, Thomson and Hadley – 1953 – Past Daily Weekend Gramophone

Click on the link here for Audio Player: America’s Composers 1953 Since we’re heading into Thanksgiving week next week, I thought I would offer a dose of Mid-Century Americana by way of transcription from the NBC Radio Program America’s Composers, as it was broadcast on March 23, 1953. This broadcast...