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Missing Persons

Missing Persons – Live At My Father’s Place 1981 – Past Daily Soundbooth

A couple more patrons and we’ll be set: Become a Patron! Missing Persons in concert tonight. Live from My Father’s Place in Rosslyn New York on September 30, 1981 and broadcast live over WLIR-FM. As Punk started calming down, the 80s were looking at an onslaught of another kind; New...

Genesis - earlly 1970s

Genesis – Live In Concert – 1972 – Past Daily Backstage Pass.

A classic concert this weekend. Genesis, during what many consider to be the halcyon days of the band, when the inimitable Peter Gabriel was lead singer. Recorded on November 3, 1972 at, presumably the BBC’s Paris Theater in London. Following rehearsals in a dance school in Shepherd’s Bush, Genesis recorded...