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Buzzcocks – In Session 1979 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Buzzcocks – in session for John Peel – May 28, 1979 – BBC Radio 1 – Buzzcocks tonight. One of the cornerstone bands of Punk, who went on to influence a number of other genres, including Indie and the Manchester Scene. Getting started in 1976 with singer-songwriter/guitarist Pete Shelley and...


Low – In Session – 2000 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Low – in session for John Peel – November 8, 2000 – BBC Radio 1 – Masters of slowcore, Duluth‘s own Low, in session for John Peel and recorded on November 8, 2000. A band who pioneered minimalist music in Pop, they have been around since 1993. But it wasn’t...

House Of Love

The House Of Love – In Session 1988 – Past Daily Soundbooth

The House Of Love – In Session For John Peel – June 7, 1988 – BBC Radio 1 The House Of Love tonight – their first session for John Peel, recorded on June 7, 1988 and broadcast on June 20th. Forming in 1986, House Of Love quickly rose in popularity,...