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Jerusalem wedding Hall

May 25, 2001 – A Building Collapse In Jerusalem; For Once, No Terrorism- Bob Dylan At 60

May 25, 2001 – BBC World Service News – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – May 25, 2001 – The collapse of a wedding hall during festivities in Jerusalem brought the instant assumption of a terrorist bombing. But after a few minutes, it was determined the Versailles Wedding Hall, hosting a...

Rwanda Hutu Refugees

October 9, 1997 – Hearts Of Darkness – Massacres In Zaire, Child Refugees Sent Back To China, Italy Ponders Austerity

October 9, 1997 – BBC World Service – News Desk – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – October 9, 1997 – what was going on in the world, this day 20 years ago. Rwanda was in the news, as it had been for much of the year. With the mass exodus...