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eyes for the moment on Lebanon - these kept popping up on Kuwaiti street corners

November 25, 1990 – Desert Storm Clouds – Suicide Bombers In Lebanon – Riots In Seoul.

While the saber-rattling continued to ramp up in the Middle East over Iraq and its invasion of Kuwait, this November 25th in 1990, there was more going on in other areas of the region.  An incident on the Egyptian-Israeli border, where a border guard was arrested on suspicion of firing...

Women and Wretched Excess

October 2, 1976 – Pressing Flesh, Earl Butz And Women’s Little Drug And Alcohol Problem

Patrons get freebies – like this news broadcast: Become a Patron! For the week ending on October 2nd in 1976, it was a busy flurry of news. Starting with the adjournment of the 94th Congress and assessments, blame and praise handed out to anyone willing to analyze. President Ford was...