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White House Press Room - 1957 0

When A President Suffers A Stroke – Eisenhower’s Health Scare – November 26, 1957 – Past Daily Reference Room

NBC Radio – News Bulletin on President Eisenhower – November 26, 1957 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – When President Eisenhower suffered his first heart attack in 1955, concerns mounted over the health of the President; would he step down due to health reasons, would his vice-President Richard Nixon fulfill...

Thor Heyerdahl - Stockholm Conference 1972 0

Thor Heyerdahl Has A Few Words About The Environment – Our Planet – The Ocean – 1972 Stockholm Conference

Thor Heyerdahl -Lecture given at the Stockholm Conference On The Environment 1972 – CBC Transcription Service – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – To those of you who may not be familiar, Thor Heyerdahl was an adventurer and Ethnographer, whose studies of the Ocean, ancient cultures and anthropology stimulated considerable interest...

August 26, 1986 - lake Nyos in Cameroon 0

August 26, 1986 – Tale Of The Exploding Lake

August 26, 1986 – CBS World News Roundup – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – August 26, 30 years ago today – A seismic and Volcanic surprise in the African nation of Cameroon – one of the rare volcanos situation under a lake, erupted and spewed lethal carbon dioxide gas and...

Panama Handover - Dec. 14, 1999 0

Terrorists, Tripp And An Early Handover – December 14, 1999

December 14, 1999 – CBS World News Roundup – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Terrorists, threats and scandals marked much of this December 14th in 1999 – inching closer to the end of the millennium and a lot of news being crammed into the last couple of weeks. The threat...

Love In America 1955 – Past Daily Weekend Gallimaufry 0

Love In America 1955 – Past Daily Weekend Gallimaufry

– Love In America – Conversation 1955 – NBC Radio – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Love in America in 1955. It didn’t seem like such a hot-button topic, but people were starting to question things; the status quo, the reason why some traditions were the way they were. In...