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FDR - State of the Union in Wartime

January 6, 1945-State Of The Union In Wartime – President Roosevelt Addresses Congress And The Nation

This January 6th we were still in the midst of a World War. The optimism which followed the Allied invasion of Europe in the Summer of 1944 was interrupted by a surprise German counterattack in Belgium and Luxembourg just before Christmas. It threatened to cut the allied advance in half....

French soldiers in Algiers

April 18, 1956 – Sniping In Israel – Endless Deaths In Algeria – Forever Hopeful At The UN

April 18, 1956 – News Of The Day – Various newscasts – Mutual Broadcasting – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – April 18, 1956. If you were around on this day you would be hearing news that had a roughly familiar ring to it. Factions forwarding an agenda of Independence from...

Formosa Strait Crisis - 1958

September 11, 1958 – A Flare-Up Over Formosa – Pres. Eisenhower Addresses the Situation In Formosa Strait

September 11, 1958 – President Eisenhower – Address to Nation over situation in Formosa – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – September 11, 1958 – a day of saber-rattling and military overtures. The long-running dispute over The People’s Republic of China (Communist) versus The Republic of China (Nationalist), and claimed territory...