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President Truman - April 4, 1949 0

Truman Signs The NATO Pact – April 4, 1949 -Past Daily Reference Room

President Harry S. Truman – Signing The NATO Agreement – April 4, 1949 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – As a reminder of why NATO was an important step in the history of our Foreign Policy and why it was necessary to be formed, here is the complete address given...


Anatomy Of A Coup – Venezuela’s 2002 Overthrow – Past Daily Reference Room

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Radio Reports on Coup in Venezuela – April 11-14, 2002 – NPR/BBC World Service  Gordon Skene Sound Collection Amid conflicting reports from Caracas the past several days, regarding protests, demonstrations-turned violent and mounting death tolls, I am reminded that the state...


Shoring Up Cracks – Ike On Latin America – July 11, 1960

Click on the link: Pres. Eisenhower – Latin America Policy address – July 11, 1960 When vice-President Nixon returned from a disastrous tour of Latin America in 1958, concern was high that we were losing our sphere of influence in that region of the world. When Cuba underwent it’s pro-Moscow...