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Paul Sacher

Heinz Holliger With Paul Sacher And The English Chamber Orchestra At Aldeburgh 1971 – Past Daily Mid-Week Concert

The English Chamber Orchestra – Heinz Holliger, Oboe – Paul Sacher, Cond. – 1971 Aldeburgh Festival – BBC Concert Hall – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Back to historic concerts this week. From the 1971 Aldeburgh Festival, a performance by the English Chamber orchestra, guest conducted by Paul Sacher, with...

President Eisenhower - 1957 Governors Conference

President Eisenhower At The 1957 Governor’s Conference – June 24, 1957 – Past Daily Reference Room

President Eisenhower – Addressing the 1957 Governors Conference – June 24, 1957 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – President Eisenhower, addressing the annual Governors Conference from June 24, 1957. Here we were, in the middle of a Cold War, a Space Race we were losing and domestic issues. Any one...

Cessna In Red Square

May 31, 1987 – A Cessna Lands In Red Square – An Air Of Dirty Laundry In Public – End Of A Two-Year Nightmare

May 31, 1987 – ABC World News This Week – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – May 31, 1987 – the last day of a perplexing month in 1987, and the last haywire week of May, 30 years ago. A week you needed a scorecard and interpreter to figure out. Starting...