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January 27, 1942 – A World At War – Intense Sea Battles In The Pacific – First Contingent Of U.S. Troops Arrive In Ireland.

Fighting or talk of war going on seemingly all over the world, this January 27th in 1942. The Pacific was the scene of many fierce sea and air battles as the Battle of the Dutch East Indies claimed over 30 Japanese ships sunk or badly damaged with a loss of...

Hello to Mao 0

January 14, 1950 – A Slight Change Of Plans – The Exit Of Chiang – The Entry Of Mao –

If it was any indication of how the rest of the decade, let alone year, would go, the week ending January 14, 1950 said a lot about the future in just seven tiny days. Not the least was the final expulsion of Nationalist Chinese forces from the mainland, sending leader...

War in Korea - 1951

October 15, 1951 – War In Korea – “We Don’t Have Magic Weapons To Win Wars Quickly”

October 15, 1951 – A busy news day. A war in Korea and from Capitol Hill, a call for discussions and a workable solution with the Russians. The looming specter of the Atomic bomb always at the forefront. Meanwhile, President Truman also urged passage of a Universal Military Training law,...