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William Green - AFofL - 1939

AFofL President William Green – “Challenges To Democracy” – October 5, 1939 – Past Daily Reference Room

William Green – President, American Federal of Labor – “Challenges To Democracy” – October 5, 1939 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – William Green was President of the American Federal of Labor, before the merger with Congress Of Industrial Organizations, addressing a gathering on the subject “Challenges To Democracy”. October...

Roller Skating in Berlin - September 1940

September 2, 1940 – The View From Berlin

September 2, 1940 – Sigrid Schultz Reports from Berlin – Mutual Broadcasting – September 2, 1940 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – September 2, 1940, as reported from Berlin. The first full year of war, and a heavily censored newscast by Chicago Tribune and Mutual Broadcasting correspondent Sigrid Schultz. As...

Terrorist Bombings in Palestine

July 26, 1946 – Deliberations In Nuremberg – Negotiations In Palestine

  Almost a year since the end of World War 2 – on this July 26, 1946, it was about adjustment, change and justice. Reports from Nuremberg, where the trial of the former Nazi hierarchy was heading into its final phase. Prosecution was delivering final arguments in the 8 month...