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Julius Baker 0

Julius Baker – Music Of Charles Tomlinson Griffes – 1952 – Past Daily Weekend Gramophone

Charles Tomlinson Griffes – Poem For Flute And Orchestra – Julius Baker, Flute – Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Daniel Saidenberg – Decca (U.S.) – DL-4013. Become a Patron! Music of Charles Tomlinson Griffes this weekend, as performed by the legendary American Flautist Julius Baker, accompanied by Daniel Saidenberg leading an...

Uni-Hi - 1969 2

It’s February 1969 – You Live In L.A. – You’re A Teenager – You Go To High School – Life Begins Behind The Cafeteria

KRLA – Russ O’Hara – 7-8:00 pm – February 23, 1969 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Become a Patron! Yep. There you are – you and your friends; Bummer Bob, Phantom Wallwasher, Steve, Captain Nemo and the new kid, Arnold. You’re behind the cafeteria – it’s Nutrition. The air...

Prime MInister Schuman - Sec. of State Acheson - United Nations 0

November 8, 1951 – Dean Acheson Proposes, Andrei Vishinsky Laughs – UN Arms Limitation Talks – A Quiet Day In Korea

Patrons get perks – seriously! Become a Patron! November 8, 1951 – Busy day for diplomacy and tilting at windmills. Secretary of State Dean Acheson put forth a proposal for the limitation in arms between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. Russia’s Andrei Vishinsky thought the proposal ludicrous and laughable....