Daily Archive: July 4, 2012


Walter Reuther Vs. The AMA – Debating Health Care in 1961

As part of an ongoing reminder that the Affordable Health Care debate has been with us for decades, here is a debate that took place in 1961, between former UAW President Walter Reuther and American Medical Association representative Dr. Edward R. Annis. The debate centered around the Kerr-Mills Bill to...


Nights At The Roundtable – Thousand Yard Stare – 1992 (Live At Glastonbury).

In case you haven’t noticed, there is no Glastonbury Festival this year. Reports are, organizers are giving the grounds a rest. Other reports are the upcoming Olympics made the annual festival impossible to pull off. And still other reports had a drastic shortage of Porta-Potties, since the Olympics had most...