Daily Archive: July 7, 2012


Y-Day At The Bowl – 1963. The Beach Boys, Surfaris, The Routers, The Challengers – Past Daily Pop Chronicles.

Part 1: Part 2: A few years ago I ran a portion of this concert, via my now-defunct Newstalgia site. It featured headliners The Beach Boys at the annual Y-Day At The Bowl event for the YMCA on October 19, 1963. It was a star-studded event and I promised to...


Nights At The Roundtable – France Gall – 1965

Another look at the wildly iconic genre of “Yè-Yè” from 1960’s France. This time via France Gall, another in a long line of very talented and hugely popular singer/songwriters in the early 1960’s. Gall, like her compatriot Francoise Hardy, has continued her popularity over the years although she has stopped...