Daily Archive: July 20, 2012


America: The Vision And The Violence – 1969 – Past Daily Reference Room

With the news beginning this morning, and the updated reports concerning the shootings at a movie theater in Aurora Colorado throughout the day, I’m reminded of how all-too-familiar this seems. How it has repeated over and over throughout the years. How violence, senseless acts of carnage, seem to be almost...


A Handshake In Space – The Week Ending July 20, 1975

Click on the Link: The World This Week – July 20, 1975 As life on Earth swirled around in its usual madness, life in Outer Space was swirling around in harmony, this week ending on July 20, 1975. The historic linkup and handshake in space by crew members of the...


The Futureheads In Session -2010 – Nights At The Roundtable

Click on the Link and play loud: The Futureheads In Session 2010 I first discovered The Futureheads on Myspace around the time their second album had come out. They were gathering a good word of mouth and gigging pretty consistently. That was 8 years ago and a lot has happened...