Daily Archive: December 11, 2015

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Balthazar – Live At Song Of The Year 2015 – NPO3 – Nights At The Roundtable: Rock Without Borders Edition

– Balthazar – Live at Song Of The Year 2015 – Dec. 11, 2015 – NPO3 – Netherlands – Balthazar in concert tonight. The Belgian indie sensations concluded their set literally hours ago, as part of the Live presentation of the Song Of The Year 2015 program, broadcast by NPO3...


December 11, 1945 – Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal: ‘Supposedly Civilized Human Beings’

The Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal which started on November 20, 1945, continued this December 11th in 1945. As evidence continued to pile up, and revolting revelation after revolting revelation turned this investigation of War Crimes into a ghastly exposé of the sickness that was Nazi Germany during World War 2,...