Daily Archive: July 10, 2016


Camel In Session 1974 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Camel in session at Electric Ladyland Studios – November 19, 1974 – Camel was one of the first of the Progressive bands to become a bigger hit in the U.S. than they were in their native UK. By 1974, the band had already released their second album, Mirage via their...

Alexander Brott

Brott Conducts Brott – The Montreal Chamber Orchestra 1960 – Past Daily Weekend Gramophone

Heading back up to Canada this week for a performance (presumably the premier performance) of a work by Alexander Brott, one of that country’s most celebrated composer/conductors. The piece, Three Astral Visions was recorded shortly after its completion in 1959 by the CBC, in a studio performance featuring Brott conducting...

Soledad Brothers

Justice While Black – 1971 – Past Daily Weekend Reference Room

With the events of the past week fresh in everyone’s minds – the question of Justice, incarceration, unwarranted deadly force, division and blatant racism once again come to the forefront of the American consciousness. Ever since the Rodney King beating, where an onlooker just happened to have a video camera...