Daily Archive: July 11, 2016

Au Pairs

Au Pairs – Live At Rotterdam New Pop – 1981 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Au Pairs in concert tonight. Together a short period of time, but highly influential during that period. Formed in 1978 and disbanding in 1983, Au Pairs was led by singer Lesley Woods, who was described as “One of the most striking Women in British Rock”. The band were at the...

Korean War - 1951

July 11, 1951 – Truce Talks?

July 11, 1951 – CBS Radio: Edward R. Murrow News with Don Hollenbeck – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Another mixed-signals day, this July 11, 1951. With truce talks going on in Korea, fighting was still going on – with a reported additional 164 American troops killed in action during...