Daily Archive: July 13, 2016

Department S

Department S – In Session 1980 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Department S – In session for John Peel – November 19, 1980 – BBC Radio 1 – Another short-lived band of the Dawn of New Wave era. Department S were named after a popular 60s TV show. They had evolved from an earlier Punk/Ska band, Guns for Hire and emerged...

Poster in Red China

LBJ Has A Word About China – July 12, 1966

On July 12, 1966 – With the Vietnam War pulling us deeper and deeper into the conflict-with-no-end, and Red China showing increasing antagonism toward the U.S. – and now that they had the Atomic Bomb – the balance of power in Southeast Asia was looking precarious, at least to our...

Congo - July 1960

July 13, 1960 – A Kennedy Clincher – Chaos In The Congo

News for this July 13, 1960 was about contrasts. In Los Angeles, the Democratic Convention was moving along, with Senator John F. Kennedy having more than enough delegate votes to clinch the Presidential nomination. Even so, Lyndon Johnson and Adlai Stevenson were still gathering support and the horserace wasn’t quite...