Daily Archive: August 20, 2016

Prague - August 21, 1968

August 1968 – Prague: Days Of Bricks, Teargas And Tanks

Prague – August 21, 1968 – NBC Radio Second Sunday: Revolution in Revolt – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – August 21, 1968 – If you were living in Prague on this day, you would no doubt have been stirred out of your sleep by the sound of tanks rumbling down...

The Who

The Who – Live In Amsterdam 1969 – Past Daily Backstage Weekend

Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: The Who this weekend – in concert at the historic Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, recorded by VPRO (the Dutch National Radio network) on September 23, 1969. For fans, this concert has made the rounds in varying states of quality millions of times over the past...

Boris Yeltsin

August 20, 1991 – In Walked Yeltsin

August 20, 1991 – The view from Moscow on this day was anything but settled. Russian Federation President Boris Yeltsin spearheaded protests and the backlash against the Coup takeover of the Moscow government. The coup installed a leader, but support was faltering, and even the Army were defecting in large...