Daily Archive: November 14, 2016

The Jesus and Mary Chain

The Jesus And Mary Chain – In Session 1984 – Past Daily Soundbooth

The Jesus And Mary Chain – In Session For John Peel – October 23, 1984 – BBC Radio 1 – The Jesus And Mary Chain tonight, in their first session for John Peel, recorded on October 23, 1984 and broadcast on the 31st. A band variously described as The New...

Ayatollah Montazeri

November 14, 1986 – Sanctions Against Syria – Selling Arms To Iran

November 14,1986 – CBS Radio News On The Hour – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – November 14, 1986 – while the world reacted to the White House‘ further sanctions against Syria and the government of Hafaz Assad for fostering terrorism. The Reagan Administration tightened the screws on the Assad government,...