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You Live In Los Angeles – It’s December 22, 1979 – You’re No Longer A Teenager – New Wave Doesn’t Speak To You – But Dave Hull Does. Past Daily Pop Chronicles

Can’t do it without you: Become a Patron! If you happened to be dial-hopping around midnight on December 22nd 1979, one of two things were going on; you were either working late or you were coming home from a Christmas party. And you just happened to be on LaBrea heading...

The Teardrop Explodes

The Teardrop Explodes In Concert – 1981 – Past Daily Soundbooth

The Teardrop Explodes – live at Sheffield University – March 19, 1981 – BBC Radio 1 – The Teardrop Explodes tonight – recorded live at Sheffield University on March 19, 1981 and preserved for posterity by BBC Radio 1. Coming along at a time when Post-punk was coming into its...