Daily Archive: April 22, 2017

Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye In Concert From Tokyo – 1979 – Past Daily Backstage Weekend

Marvin Gaye – In concert from Nippon Budokan, Tokyo – November 13, 1979 – NHK-FM Japan – Marvin Gaye this weekend. Ironic that April marks the birth of Marvin Gaye, as well as his death. Born on April 1, 1939 and dead on April 2, 1984. One of the more...

Don Henley - Former Eagle - full-time environmentalist

Don Henley Has A Word Or Two About The Environment In 1993 – Past Daily Pop Chronicles – Earth Day Edition

Don Henley Press Conference – Winning a 1993 International Earth Award – June 10, 1993 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – While we’re observing Earth Day, looking at Earth Days gone past, and considering the fragile nature of Earth Day present, a few words from former Eagles Founder and environmentalist...