Daily Archive: May 4, 2017

Senator Nixon

Senator Nixon Has A Few Words About Sending Troops To Europe – 1951 – Past Daily Reference Room

  Senator Richard Nixon – Interview by KMPC-Los Angeles – March 3, 1951 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Before his days as President and vice-President, Richard Nixon was Senator from California. Coming in right during the Red Scare, and largely winning his Senatorial campaign by concocting allegations that his...

Sen. Burton K. Wheeler

May 4, 1941 – Burton K. Wheeler: Making The Case Against Intervention

Sen. Burton K. Wheeler – Panel Interview – WJR -Detroit – May 4, 1941 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Sen. Burton K. Wheeler (D-Montana) is probably a name not easily recognized these days, unless you were doing research into the events leading up to America’s entry into World War...