Daily Archive: October 24, 2017

Coleman Young -HUAC Hearings 1952

1952 – HUAC Hearings Come To Detroit – Coleman Young Testifies – Past Daily Reference Room

HUAC Committee Hearings – Michigan Communist Activities – Feb. 28,1952 – WJR-Detroit – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – For those of you who don’t remember that period during the 1950s, where the Communist scare took on unprecedented proportions, the wave of Hearings took place in most major cities of the...

Alignment pact signing - October 14, 1939

October 24, 1939 – About Turkey – Report On The Signing Of The Anglo-French-Turkish Treaty.

October 24, 1939 – Report from Ankara – BBC World Service – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – October 24, 1939 – With a war a little over a month old, and news traveling slowly, word about the British-French-Turkish Treaty signing had surfaced days after the actual event. It was a...