Daily Archive: December 26, 2017

Nikolai Bulganin and Nehru - 1955

The Year Was 1955 – Past Daily’s Thousand Yard Stare At The Year

December 31, 1955 – The Year: 1955 – CBS Radio Network – Year-end wrapup of News Events – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Starting today, and going up until New Years Eve, we’ll be running Year-end Wrapups from years gone by; what we’re calling The Thousand Yard Stare; what the...

French former Hostage Aurel Cornea

December 26, 1986 – A Mile-High Gun Battle – A Hostage Release

December 26, 1986 – CBS World News Roundup – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – December 26, 1986 – You would think that, during the holidays, violence, mayhem, tragedy and hostage dramas would take the day off. But no, seems the best time as ever to stage something harrowing or dramatic...