Daily Archive: May 4, 2018

Public Enemy

Public Enemy – Live At Phoenix Festival 1995 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Public Enemy – Live At Phoenix Festival 1995 – BBC Radio 1 Public Enemy in concert to end the week. A suspicious lack of Rap and Hip-hop on these pages over the years. Any particular reason? No – other than there are very few live/in-concert examples to choose from that...

Kent State - May 4, 1970

May 4-6, 1970 – Post Kent State Hand-Wringing – Capitol Hill Weighs In On The Shootings

Become a Patron! Kent State – May 4, 1970. The protests against our further incursion in Southeast Asia and the unexpected shooting and killing of four Kent State students by National Guard troops, charged with dispersing the crowd. If there was one domestic event that turned the tide of public...

John Doe #2 - Oklahoma City Boming

May 4, 1995 – The Search For John Doe #2 – Oklahoma City Bombing Aftermath

May 4, 1995 – CBS World News Roundup – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – May 4, 1995 – 15 days after the Oklahoma City Bombing, Police, FBI and ATF agents were still sifting through rubble, still looking for bodies and still looking for suspects. On this day a sketch emerged...