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VE Day - May 7, 1945

May 7, 1945 – VE Day And Mixed Signals

Become a Patron! Even though the war in Europe had ended, and witnesses saw the signing of the surrender documents, the official word on the actual surrender, word from Allied Headquarters wasn’t quite coming. News had broken earlier by an Associated Press reporter, but wasn’t confirmed by the other news...

Ollie Mania

May 7, 1989 – Oliver North Trial: Not A Pleasure Cruise. Space Shuttle Atlantis: Second Time; A Go. Exxon Valdes: The Gift That Keeps Giving.

  May 7, 1989 – ABC World News This Week – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – May 7, 1989 – A week full of wonderment. Starting with the verdict in the Col. Oliver North trial. North was on trial for his participation in the Iran–Contra affair, a political scandal during...