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June 8, 1972 – A Word Or Two With Melvin Van Peebles – Past Daily Weekend Gallimaufry

June 8, 1972 – NET – Black Journal – Interview with Melvin van Peebles – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – This is one of those instances where time travel would be the preferred method of understanding social and cultural phenomena. Starting in the mid-1960s and proceeding all the way into...


It’s June 7, 1968 – You Live In L.A. – You’re Not Quite An Adult, But You Worked For Bobby – Your World Got Turned Upside Down.

Become a Patron! June 7, 1968 – KMPC-AM – The Johnny Magnus Program – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – If you lived in Los Angeles in June 1968, like most everyone you felt just a little strange. Maybe you worked for Bobby, passing out flyers and setting up rallies, making...