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Big Flame - John Peel session 1986 0

Big Flame In Session – 1986 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Big Flame – in session for John Peel – May 4, 1986 – BBC Radio 1 – Big Flame in session for John Peel to end the week. Often referred to as one of the more influential bands nobody ever talks about anymore, Big Flame were around for a comparatively...

Schultz and Brezhnev 0

June 15, 1973 – Brezhnev Holds A Press Conference (Of Sorts) – Nixon Goes To Pekin (Illinois) – Your Gas Hog Lifestyle Is About To Change

June 15, 1973 – NBC Nightly News – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – June 15, 1973 -Busy news day – Starting with President Nixon going to Pekin Illinois to visit the birthplace of the late Everett Dirksen. Nixon and Everrett Dirksen’s widow unveiled the cornerstone of a new research center...