Daily Archive: July 21, 2018

Izia in concert from Bordeaux

Izia Live In Bordeaux – 2018 – Past Daily Backstage Weekend – Rock Without Borders

Izia In Concert From Bordeaux – May 28, 2018 – RTL2, Belgium – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Keeping with our “Rock Without Borders” theme this weekend – another artist who gives further evidence the French Rock scene is alive and well and kicking ass. Izia (Higelin), daughter of the...

Gaza - July 15-20, 2018

July 15-20, 2018 – While You Were Otherwise Occupied – News You Might Have Missed

As a reminder that a lot goes on in the world, whether we are aware of it or not; a friend reacted in horror earlier today, learning of the latest serious situation going on in the Middle East. It was pointed out to me that many, if not most news...

Mat Bastard - in concert

Mat Bastard – In Concert – 2017 – Past Daily Soundbooth – Rock Without Borders: Festival Edition

Mat Bastard – in Concert from RTL – December 15, 2017 – RTL-2 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Mat Bastard in concert tonight. The name might not ring bells with U.S. audiences (at the moment), but Skip The Use should. A widely admired and enjoyed band who played SXSW...