Daily Archive: August 7, 2018

Pope Paul VI

August 7, 1978 – Death Of A Pope – Nine Days Of Mourning – Choosing A Successor – The View From Castel Gandolfo

August 7, 1978 – CBS Radio – The World Tonight – Gordon Skene Sound Collection August 7, 1978 – Day of mourning throughout the world. News of the death of Pope Paul VI from a major heart attack at his summer residence the night before became the dominant piece of...

The Green Telescope

The Green Telescope – In Session – 1986 – Past Daily Soundbooth

The Green Telescope In session – January 11, 1986 – BBC Radio 1 – The Green Telescope – BBC 1986 Diving into relative obscurities tonight with The Green Telescope; a somewhat short-lived band (under that name), but who offered a few tantalizing coming-attractions of what was around the corner with...