Daily Archive: September 16, 2018

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Music Of José Siqueira Played By The NBC Studio Orchestra – Henri Nosco, Cond. – 1944 – Past Daily Weekend Gramophone

José Siqueira – Danza Brasileira #4 – Henri Nosco with The NBC Studio Orchestra – June 15, 1944 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – The music of Brazilian composer José Siqueria this weekend. José Siqueria was a conductor, musicologist and composer. Born on June 24, 1907 – he died on...


Our Latest Podcast Is Up – Past Daily’s Thousand Yard Stare

While we’re fine-tuning, rethinking and spitballing Past Daily’s Thousand Yard Stare Podcast – here is a recap of what you might have missed since the middle of August. We’re doing the podcast as a way of giving you the highlights of what I’ve been posting the previous week. We’re still...

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Anthony Braxton Quartet – Live At Chateuvallon Festival – 1973 – Past Daily Downbeat

Anthony Braxton – Live at Chateauvallon Jazz Festival – August 22, 1973 – Radio France International – Anthony Braxton at the Chateauvallon Jazz Festival in 1973 this week. Heading into the direction of the Avant-Garde and explorations into Free-Jazz. Admittedly this isn’t for everyone, especially those whose taste in Jazz...