Daily Archive: October 28, 2018

Ania Dorfmann

The Magic Key – 1937 – Ania Dorfmann’s U.S. Debut – Max Reinhardt – Ezio Pinza – Fats Waller – Past Daily Weekend Gramophone

The Magic Key – January 3, 1937 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – In the late 1930s, when radio was becoming the preeminent entertainment source for most of America, the technology was now making it possible for programs to be sent and received from all over the world via much...

Toronto - 1953

Toronto Digs Jazz – August 1953 – Dial Twisting And Jazz Unlimited – Past Daily Weekend Gallimaufry

CJVC-Toronto/CBC Dominion Network – Jazz Unlimited – August 1953 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – The airwaves around the world in the 1950s were filled with concerts and club dates of every kind and type. But what about the disc-jockey programs; the ones where they just played records, those pieces...

Tiny Bradshaw

Tiny Bradshaw And His Orchestra – Live – 1944 – Past Daily Downbeat

Tiny Bradshaw – Jubilee Program – Armed Forces Radio – August 21, 1944 -Gordon Skene Sound Collection – When Rock n’ Roll was born there were a lot of mid-wives in attendance. The roots and traces go back a ways, and despite what some might say, Jazz factored in quite...