Daily Archive: December 4, 2018

Chicago skyline - 1956

Considering The Mile-High Office Building – 1956 – Past Daily Reference Room

NBC Radio – New World: The Skyscraper And The City – October 28, 1956 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – In 1956, none other than iconic architect Frank Lloyd Wright suggested that it was not only possible, but highly probable, that a major American city would be the site of...

Mars Polar Lander

December 4, 1999 – Welcome To Winter – Welcome To Mars – See Ya Later, Seattle

December 4, 1999 – CBS Radio News – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – December 4, 1999 – Waiting to hear from Mars, while down on earth; Winter. Bad weather and poor visibility was blamed for a highway accident which claimed the lives of 14 in New Mexico. It was part...