Daily Archive: January 1, 2019

History's little "so what?"

New Years Day 2019 – Past Daily State Of The Website – An Occasional Progress Report.

Past Daily: State Of The Website – New Years Day 2019 A new year and the end to a frustrating and exhausting old one. Past Daily heads into our 7th trip around the sun, with no conceivable end in sight and with a lot of plans on the horizon. It’s...

President Carter and Deng Xiao Ping

January 1, 1979 – An Embassy Opens In Peking – Peking Becomes Beijing – The Rose Parade Celebrates 90 –

January 1, 1979 – A new year, a new era and an institution hits a milestone. The United States established diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China, and terminated them with the Republic of China, on January 1, 1979. The American Embassy at Taipei closed February 28, 1979, while...